Father Chris

Welcome to Father Chris' website.

Father Chris is a resident Catholic priest at St. Anne's Catholic Church in Santa Monica, California. His life is a life of service, and he feels blessed to be able to reach people worldwide on the Internet.

Prayer Intentions

Father Chris prays at his private altar daily. He places all the prayer intentions submitted to his on his altar, until the prayer is answered.

To submit a prayer inention, please click here.

If you wish to LIGHT AN ONLINE CANDLE WITH YOUR NAME ON IT ($15), or make a donation with your prayer intention, click here.

This website was created for Father Chris by Computaid because of all the support, care and love he has given us and our community. We love you, Father Chris.

Father Chris accepted God’s Call to become a priest later in his life. He answered the Call as an adult, fully aware of the responsibilities and duties that such a holy mission entailed.

Father Chris' goal is to serve God and his people. He loves celebrating mass, baptizing, and officiating at wedding ceremonies. Any time, anywhere you can see him at the altar posing as an altar server.

Early in his ministry Father Chris was inspired by a passage from the Book of Revelation, which states, “all that the saints and angels in Heaven do is praise God continually.” Father Chris accepted that as his mission on earth: to praise God in all that he does.

Father Chris, always very cheerful, is refined in his character. His colleagues often refer to him as My Brother because of the warmth and sincerity with which he interacts with everyone he meets – clergy and laity alike.

Father Chris is physically trim and spiritually fit. A long distance runner with a gigantic smile and an even bigger heart, he is forever looking for ways to praise God in his own life, and to assist those who meet him in praising God in their lives as well.

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